Jinko Solar Panel: A Tier1 Product is it Worth the Hype?

jinko solar panel

Jinko Solar Panel: Australian's First Choice


In this article, we will review Jinko Solar Panel types and their features. But first, let me give you some facts and figures about the company, JinkoSolar.
This is a time where energy systems around the world are sharing primary changes. The balance between fossil fuel and renewable sources is shifting. Yet, 850 million people are still living without access to energy. In this changing world, society and business share one crucial challenge.
How can we meet the rising demand for energy and at the same time protect the climate Ensuring access to clean and sustainable energy for all in an economically sane way?
To address the challenge, innovation and technological rise play a key role in building an effective solution. Jinko Solar is one of the solution providers.


jinko solar panels

An Overview of the Jinko Solar Panel Company
Jinko Solar is one of the world’s leading names in the clean energy sector. Settling the vertical integration business model along the entire value chain from the wafer cell to the solar module. With its 12 factories, 25,000 employees in more than 35 countries, Jinko Solar is well put to serve the needs of a diverse customer base.
With more than 10,000 annual orders, Jinko Solar is the first solar company to deliver more than 80 GW panels to over 3,000 customers in more than 160 countries. This amount of solar energy accounts for one tenth of solar energy made worldwide. Making the company hugely relevant for assuring future sustainable energy supplies. An unmatched large and diverse global customer base helps to smooth changes in demand. Which, in turn, helps the company maintain a high level of capacity utilization and profitability.


jinko solar panel

Bankability of the Jinko Solar Panel Company

The company’s business and financial results in 2019 were one of the best in its history, with a record high sales of 14.3 GW solar panels. This made Jinko No. 1 in shipments for the 4th constant year, providing earnings stability and financial growth. In 2010, the company was listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as JKS. It has been named a Bloomberg NEF Tier 1 module maker for eight good years, one of the longest runs than any other.
PV Tech’s new PV Module Tech Bankability Rating is an industry analysis. It combines each company’s track record in large scale global shipments, with its financial health, on a rolling quarterly basis. The study uses data collected for over 10 years at PV Tech across a wealth of production and financial inputs. The BNEF and PV Tech reports confirm why Jinko Solar has gained market share globally, especially in utility scale solar markets with strict standards.

Jinko Solar Panel Company in Australia

The head office of Jinko Solar in Australia is in Sydney. The company’s dedicated warehouse facilities are in Sydney, Albury, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. The customers prefer local service. Therefore the company has built a full service team focused on growing solar business in residential, commercial, or utility.

Features of Jinko Solar Panels:

Half Cell Module Feature

Usually, Full Cell solar PV panels have 60 or 72 cells per panel. A Half Cell PV panel has 120 or 144 cells, and the panel is the same size as a Full Cell panel. A double number of cells creates more chances to catch solar energy from the sun and send it to the inverter.
Half Cell feature involves halving cells. This results in less resistance and more efficiency. Full Cell PV panels with 60 or 72 cells produce resistance resulting in lowering the power capacity of PV panels. The larger half cell with 120 or 144 cells has lower resistance, capturing and creating more power. The smaller half cells reduce stresses on the PV panel. This means there are fewer chances of micro cracks appearing on the PV panel.
Also, Half Cell panels are more reliable than Full Cell panels and provide higher power output ratings.

Bifacial Module with Transparent Backsheet Feature

The use of bifacial modules offers many gains over old solar panels. Bifacial modules can make power from both sides, As a result, more energy is yield in total. The increase in total energy can be up to 20% depending on albedo and PV system design.
Bifacial modules are more durable since both sides are UV resistant. When the bifacial module is frameless, concerns about PID are more minor. Additionally, the balance of systems (BOS) costs will be minor when bifacial modules are used in a small array foot print.
In bifacial modules, the front and back sides of the cells both have buses. There are frameless, dual glass modules that display the backside of the cells but are not bifacial.

Tiling Ribbon (TR) Feature

The new Tiger module incorporates a Tiling Ribbon design to reduce inter cell gaps and increase efficiency. It also features a half cut cell design to reduce cable losses and ribbon current mismatches. Using this feature, you can achieve an increase of 5.4 % and improve performance in low light places.
The circular ribbon from Jinko has better agility and offers excellent reliability. Furthermore, 9 Busbar allows the main busbar and finger grid lines to be closer together. As a result, low resistance loss and more efficiency and power output.

Jinko Solar Panel Cheetah Series

Cheetah series panels from Jino Solar have a power rating of up to 410 watts. It can give energy to your home or small business for 25 years. It offers max returns on customers’ money. Jinko Solar offers 12 years std warranty on the Cheetah series.
The efficiency rating of these PV Panels is around 20.38 % at max. The Cheetah series uses Half Cells in its panels. As a result, these PV panels perform at about 50% efficiency in partial shading. Whereas old modules can’t perform in partial shade. These are certified highly durable panels, beating industry PID Stds and IEC Stds by a double value.

A Jinko Solar Panel Swan Series

Swan series from Jinko Solar play better in low light places and offer higher energy yield. They are very light weight, over 25% lighter modules. Bifacial feature can create up to 20 % more energy depending upon the reflection of the surface under. Swan series panels are immune from PID. Panel surfaces are easy to clean due to Tedlar® PV films. It reduces O&M costs by a straight 5 %. These PV panels are the best choice with a good 30 years warranty, 405 watts of power, and a 19.78% efficiency rate.

Jinko Solar Panel Tiger Series

The Tiger series panels by Jinko Solar come in both Monofacial and Bifacial variants. The Monofacial panels have a power rating of 475 watts, with a max efficiency value of 21.16 %. The warranty period is 25 years. On the other hand, the Bifacial series panels have 470 watts of power rating with an efficiency of up to 20.65 %.
The bifacial series offer an extreme 30 years linear power warranty. 9 Bus Bar feature effectively reduces power losses due to resistance. Reliable Tiling Ribbon feature by Jinko Solar significantly increases module efficiency by eliminating inter cell gaps and using circular ribbons.
Tiger series panels are highly PID resistant and use Half Cell. Tiger series also offer high endurance value; double IEC test. The Tiger series uses DuPont Tedlar® film, highly reliable with the self cleaning feature.

A Jinko Solar Panel Tiger Pro Series

The Tiger Pro series modules are state of the art PV panels from Jinko Solar. All the leading features, i.e., Multi Busbar, Half Cell, and Tilling Ribbon, are used in Tiger Pro Series. It also uses DuPont Tedlar® film. Both the Monofacial and Bifacial versions are variable in the below aspects.
The Monofacial variant offers 540 watts of power with 21.35 % efficiency. The linear power warranty period for this PV pane is 25 years. While the Bifacial variant has 535 watts, 21.16 % efficiency. While the warranty period for this PV panel is 30 years. Both the Tiger and Tiger Pro variants are PID resistant. That means they can last longer and give energy for more years to come.

Swan Series

Swan Bifacial G/G

·     405wp

·     Module Efficiency

·     Anti-PID

·     30 Year Linear Power Warranty

Swan Bifacial G/B

Cheetah Series

Cheetah HC 72M

·     410wp

·     Module Efficiency 20.38%

·     PID Resistance

·     25 Year Linear Power Warranty

Cheetah HC 60M

·     345wp

·     Module Efficiency 20.45%

·     PID Resistance

·     25 Year Linear Power Warranty

Tiger Series

Tiger Monofacial

·     475wp   9BB

·     Efficiency 21.16%

·     PID resistant

·     25 Year Linear Power Warranty

Tiger Bifacial

·     470wp(front only)   9BB

·     Efficiency 20.65%

·     PID resistant

·     30 Year Linear Power Warranty

Tiger Pro Series

Tiger Pro 72HC Monofacial

·     540wp

·     Efficiency 21.35%

·     PID resistant

·     25 Year Linear Power Warranty

Tiger Pro 72 HC Bifacial

·     535wp

·     Efficiency 21.16%

·     PID resistant

·     30 Year Linear Power Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jinko Solar Panels Any Good?

Jinko solar panels are very cost effective PV panels. They beat many rivals in the price, performance, and efficiency. This makes them one of the best solar panel brands in Australia and in the world. Jinko solar panel company also has all the famous rewards and 12 world records of the solar industry. Several solar panels from Jinko have struck a good balance between a reliable, true brand and affordability. Jinko offers an affordable Cheetah solar panel and a premium Tier1 Tiger solar panel with advanced features that provide the best price to value ratio.

How do Jinko Solar Panels Rate?

Jinko solar panels have an average conversion efficiency of 19-21 %. The Cheetah series of solar panels have an efficiency rating of 20.38 %. In contrast, the new, high-end Tiger Pro series has a rating of 21.36 %.

What is the warranty on Jinko Solar panels?

The usual warranty period from standard solar panel makers is 10~12 years. Some top brands offer a 15~20 year warranty or even 25 years. Jinko Solar gives up to 30 years, a lavish warranty period on its some Tier1 modules.

Final Words

Jinko Solar panels are no less good than the most expansive brands in the world. They remained in some controversies because the company was from China. But now, more and more solar installers are choosing Jinko Solar. Jinko Solar has won some rewards, broken many records, and offer similar or somewhere better warranties. Their prices are very competitive, almost half of those with a 1 or 2 % efficiency increase.
We at Ultimate Energy always long to provide you with the best solar parts, modules, inverters, and batteries. Our head office is also located in Sydney like Jinko Solar. So the customer service and warranty claim with Jinko Solar panels are ours to resolve for you. We offer top Jinko Solar Panels in our Tier-1 package and beat the price of any written quotation with a straight 5 %. We offer peace of mind with our superior customer service and the fastest installation time in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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